Let's put it all in one place. A list of WHAT WORKS... If you're up for it, please list your setup... but only if it works really really good. Be specific. (Jetting specs only in this thread. Start a new thread if you have any questions regarding a set up you may see here.)

Ok, here we go.... :)

'00 WR 400

YZ timed

YZ pipe with a Vortip

throttle stop mod, airbox cover removed, operating at 400 to 1200 above sea level, Northeast rocks, sometimes pinebarrens sand.

175 main

48 pilot

OBDVR needle clip 4th down from top

pilot fuel screw 1-3/4 out

anything not listed is stock

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SW Chihuahuan Desert

4,000 to 5,000 ft.

80 to 100 degrees

10% – 30% humidity

Stock ’01 YZF 426

160 main

40 pilot


~ 85 PAJ

MAJ removed

1.5 out on idle

Accelerator pump stroke shortened to ~ 1 mm.

See the sig


2001 WR426F Stock jetting no air box lid uni air filter - full White Bros. E-series Eliptical exhaust with Ti-Header pipe no grey wire stock timing 2200Ft 60-80 Degrees 5 Discs on the silencer runs well but mild , just removing the spark arrestor runing open she Screems for a 6th gear and really tore up the rear tire rather quickly :-)

Spring/Summer in Denver/Moab:

4K-10K ft - 50-90F

38PJ/65PAJ/EKP#3/1.5 turns/150MJ/160MAJ

Stock uncorked pipe, BK mod, WR timing

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500' to 6000' ft. elev. / 50-90 degrees F'

2000 WR400FM (Canadian model: No gray wire or throttle stop), WR Timing, airbox lid removed, BK Mod, stock exhaust with Vortip.

DRN#3/MJ158/MAJ160/PAJ60/PJ38/FS 1.25-1.5 turns

in the signature :):D


Ryde COOL, Ryde BLUE....!!! Way to go guys.

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