got myself a wr450 2003

hello all , i`ve just got myself a wr450 :lame::bonk::lol: , can`t wait to get it delivered , will be here this week , its completely standard with 4500km on the clock , will be used for a short trip to work once n a while but mainly just for play , my question is would this bike have the grey wire n airbox n carb screw fitted as its a road registared bike or were they all supplied like that n its up to the owner to sort those bits out , sorry to maybe ask the basic of questions but i`ve not owned one before , apart from that , this is a top forum that i`ve been reading up on , is there a wiring diagram anywhere so i can see if my harness has indictors wired in please , or should i shut up n wait for the bike to appear and pull it apart , cheers an excited razzorrrrrrr :eek: :eek:

Most uk wr's have the throttle stop done, not sure about the grey wire, both were done on mine but the previous owner may have done them. As for the indicators, no, unless it has the road legal wiring kit still installed. Some people take them off, mine was off but came with the bike. If it has the switches for the lights and indicators then yes it should still be wired for indicators

Welcome to the forum.

Good choice, you are going to love that bike!:lame:

I've got an 03 and have had no problems with it except the starter issue. 2003 was the first year of electric start and there was a design flaw. Yamaha corrected it in 2004. Check to see if your model has been upgraded to the 2004 starter parts. It still should only cost about $250 USD to buy the parts. Use the search engine here to get more info.

ok cheers , i`ll use the kick start till i`m familiar with the bike , then i`ll have a look , lots of info on the starter problem , thanks for your replys :lame:

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