Exhaust sleeve is grill instead of smooth?

Hi ,still havent got my new bike so i coud test my new DMC afterburner system ,,,,anyway what is wierd to me is that the exhaust pipe from inside is

not the way as normal smooth sleeve instead it has an like grill walls where u can see the packing from the holes...is that ok and normal in some pipes .

and i am not talking about the spark arrester end cone...i mean that if u remove the spark arrester then the actual tube has grill walls...:lame:

as far as I know, they are all like that.... the holes allow the sound (bouncing around inside the pipe like super balls) to enter the baffle material, thus muffling it.

Ok thanks.... its my first aftermarket pipe and i just noticed that many other brands have the smooth wall sleeve...

No they don't. The last 3-4 inches of the outlet may be smooth walled, but that's just the tail section, which is often curved to redirect the exhaust at the outlet. Your stock one was like that, too.

All of the MX four strokes and the after market race pipes are of the "glass pack" design. The muffler consists of a straight through tube, finely perforated along its length. A mat of fiberglass is then wrapped around the core tube, and the whole thing placed in a canister. In simple terms, the sound waves pass through the perforations and are absorbed by the fiberglass while the exhaust gas goes straight through. Mufflers of this type are usually limited in their ability to reduce sound, but typically offer more performance than quiter mufflers with mechanical baffling.

:eek::lol::bonk: thanks i am learning.:lame:

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