Loud Pipes Suck

if you are a cop.....

just got nailed by the local nazi.....it didn't help I was pulling a wheelie from a stop sign with my Stroker bellowing for all its worth....my licence was 'illegible' (horizontally positioned on top of my rear fender)..... and I have no mirror. I have 5 (now 3) days to rectify and pass a technical test.

Fortunately he didn't write me up for the off road tires and the fact I have no turn signals (I dont think thesy are required by law here in Switzerland)....go figure.

And the cherry on the cake.......in the confessional process I had to admit to my wife that I had (secretly) invested in an aftermarket pipe.

I need to grow up and stop pulling those wheelies and modifiying my ride...........but its all so much fun.

Also....I'm now about 100$ poorer for my adventures.

I guess I wont be riding on the road anymore as that stock can and mirror is going to be on my ride for about 1 hour, tops.....

**** Happens I Guess!

I hope I can remember the jetting specs with the stock can! Taffy.......????!!!?????

And I'm here at 11:30 pm writing my life story....I need a life!!

Enough already!


I think it's a Wheelie thing...

Off road ..... to wild.

ON road .... do nothing.

On the loudness thing,, if people can't here you then they don't know you're there. If they don't know you're there then they don't care. Quiet pipes work great for off-riding in New Jersey.


here we go again... :)

You are lucky. My buddy got busted doing a huge wheelie on his sportbike and had to spend more than $3,000 in lawyer fees and fines to keep from losing his license.



Stroker is working on a "silent insert" for our SX-1's.

I talked w/ their machinst/developenment guy yesterday. It is an insert that will quiet your bike down, and rob all the torque yoo got by putting on the aftermarket exhaust.

They do offer one right now that lowers output by 1-2 dba. Because of the demand for lower noise, and Stroker SX-1's not being 94 dba, they hope to release a new insert by the end of this month.

I am going to see what I can do w/ the machine shop here at my place of employment.

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Bonzai :)

you BETA be careful or you BETA get a quiet pipe. LOL. Remember that one guys?




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