06 yz450 rear tire

hi guys new to the site michigan rider, i just bought a 06 yz450f & the guy had put a 120 rear tire on it , not sure on the sprockets but i can fine out, would you guys run a tire this size? i'm agressive rider & weight about 220


110 is better, because wider rear tire makes more push in the turns! can only coment on mx riding though!!

There is a difference between a 120/90, and a 120/80. I don't care for any of the 120/90's I have tried. They feel heavy, and they don't really help the traction that much. I haven't tried any of the newer 120/80's that are available, so I can't really speak to that.

The tire that I prefer as the best all around, longest wearing, best bang for the buck, etc., is the Dunlop 952 in 110/90x19.

I would think the narrower tire would be better

Nothing wrong with the 120...lots of people use them for offroad riding. I use them depending on where I am riding but most of the time I run a 110 because they are more nimble.

I use only 120's but I ride sand about 95% of the time and have never had any issues.

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