Does anyone have any experience with or info (performance, cost, reliability) about the Turbo kit that can be seen (I believe) on a Paris-Dakkar rigged XR650R? Thanks!

working in various auto and muffler shops, allot of the manifolds could be fabricated from the stock peices. A turbo could easily be fitted into the area when the head pipe curves down. An open element air filter like used on the MR. Turbo kits and the fit some custom mandrel bent tubes connecting the turbo exhaust exit to the can and the pressurized air to the carb intake.

The hard part would be modifying the engine for a turbo, several things would need to be done. Most importantly the compression would need to be lowered to atleast 8:1 if not alittle lower depending on the amount of boost being run. It would need to be lower then most turbos due to a lack of intercooler, so the air from the turbo would be in the range of 140-180 degree's - prime for some really destructive detination. Also the carb would need to be made compatable with forced induction. I have no idea if that could even be done with a motorcycle carb being that they rely on vacuum for several main functions. A mikuni side-draft 40mm like they use in racing 240Z's can be made to work very well with forced induction and are roughly the same size as a motorcycle carb.

Here are some links




that is entirly to cool.

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