swing arm shock pivot bearing - removal question

Prepping the bike for a 24 hr Ironman race coming up end of October and noticed that my swing arm shock pivot bearing is toast. Ordered a bearing set (arriving Tuesday) but in the meantime, trying to get the old one out.

How? Been trying to tap it out but man, just not budging a bit. The bushing that sits on the needle bearings on both sides won't come out either. They spin but have a lot of play in them (my first indicator that bearings were shot) and did not turn very smoothly.

The main swingarm bearings are in good shape...just going to clean up and repack with fresh grease.

thanks all!


there is a seal on each side and a bushing, use a screwdriver or sharp tool to hit the bushing out from the opposite side. You put it in the hole to catch the edge inside the bearing. Once one side is out then the other side is easier to hit out, remove seals, decide if you need to replace them too. Then you are left with the bearing in there. Then you can hit the bearing out with a socket, a tool, or make a press to push it out. They are tuff and in there tight. I have used a c clamp and sockets to push it out and hit them with a tool and hammer.

First time through I just gave up and took it to the shop. Even the dealer had a tough time getting it out.

It's a dozy.

2nd time I was much more determined. Picked up a steel C-clamp & tried to press it out. It wouldn't budge. I ended up bending the clamp. It's bent permanently.

Pulled out the socket & a big hammer. Just beat & beat that thing. Finally got it out. It didn't look like anything it did when they put it in there. It was a twisted hunk of metal.

Cleaned up the swing arm & put in a synergy seal. http://www.synergyseals.com/index.php?page=fbushing End of problem. :lame:

I've never had much trouble getting these out. A day or so before spray it with penetrating oil (after youremove the seals). Get a socket the same diameter of the hole in the swing arm. Put a extension on the socket and work it out with a hammer.

well...got the bearing out after a 2 day soak of penetrating oil. New ones are in the freezer now and going to heat up the joint and slide that puppy in.

My next one will be one of those synergy seals...a lot simpler and cheaper to boot.

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