03 450F sale question

I have a 03 ktm 125sx and my friend wants to trade me a 03 yz450f that he built for woods racing. He has all kinds of money tied up in the bike but the only bad thing "IMO" is that he had it bored to a 500. He doesn't even ride it because it just had way to much power. He is very experienced rider and I'm just learning. So I know if it was to much for him then it's WAY to much for me to handle. I was thinking about trading him anyway just so I could sell it. My question is would it be an easy bike to get rid of?

I personally dont know why anyone would bore out a 450. I have a friend that is 6'7" and about 250lbs. He rides a YZ450F and says it has plenty of power for him. He is about an intermediate vet rider so he rides pretty good. As for trying to resell it. I suggest do a little research before going through with the trade. Look on EBAY, Craigs List, and local bike trader. See if anyone else is selling these and what they are going for. I am sure there is someone crazy enough to want one. I dont mean crazy in a bad way I just know I got rid of my YZ450F for a YZ250F and I ride way better on the 250F. What ever you decide good luck. :lame:

lets see the two bikes..... if you can get some pictures that is.

Yeah I have looked on Ebay already and checked some local states on Craigslist. I haven't came up with anything at all. Yeah I figured there would be someone out there lacking a few brain cells that would want it. Even if I trade I still have my 01 yz250 to ride until it sells but I just don't wanna have to sit on it forever. My plan is to use the money to buy a good used yz250f. I love my 250 but when woods riding the 125 Ktm is much better.

My Ktm is nothing special. Pretty much all stock except for some bolt on stuff. Just has fmf pipe and silencer,bark busters and aftermarket black plastics. I did however just dump 1,600 dollars into over the past 3 months. All new top and bottom end. All new seals and bearings throughout the whole entire bike. Clutch master,clutch line,clutch kit,chain and sprockets. Basically brand new parts attached to a used rolling chassis. Here are pics of my ktm and one of my yz250 since I am in the Yamaha forum.:lame:

I don't have any of the bored out 450f though. I will try and get some soon.




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