kick starter gear loose and wearing case

Well to my surprise after ridding at the track saturday I noticed a hole in my case cover on the clutch side. The hole is right beside the clutch cover and about the size of a dime. After pulling the cover off today I noticed the kick starter gear had allot of play and was wearing the left side of the case. So there are little shavings everywhere. So I guess a piece broke off and put a hole in the case cover. Any ideas of why my starter gear would get so loose and start wearing my case?? I also noticed a little chunk missing from clutch basket..

Thanks guys

here are pics




The starter gear is not loose. Pull your clutch off and find out what broke and got shoved out the back of the case.

what do you think caused the starter gear to score the case like that though?

I also noticed the gear that the starter gear contacts with seems like it had some play in it... is that normal?

what do you think caused the starter gear to score the case like that though?
The starter gear most likely did no such thing UNLESS the bushing in the gear is completely gone. What I'm saying is that a piece of one of the other gears, or other stuff in the primary case, got caught between the starter gear and the case, causing the damage you see.

The gear is supposed to have "some" play, but I don't know how much yours has. (it's hard to see over the Rockies from my yard) Pull that clutch and look around. There's something wrong back there.

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