1999 WR400 front end washing out...

While at Hollister this weekend, I had various instances that the front end was washing out....yes, it was dry, sandy...Are there any adjustments to the front forks...oil...adjustments to help with this. Tire is not worn.

On my not so pretty fall on one of these washouts, managed to break one of my barkbusters...I have heard pros and cons of these things...Should I replace them or just go without them?

Thanks for your help, Joe

Some possibilities, and please excuse any ramblings that may be obvious or already crossed off your list.

Is the rear sag set between 3.9 and 4.1 inches? Not enough sag will make your bike ride high in the back and could make the bike steer too quickly thus leading to the washing out.

Is the air pressure too high?

Sometimes having your rebound set too fast will make the front tire lose its firm footprint/tread plant, leading to a front end that is skitterish.

How is your body positioning? Leg extended? Smooth through the corner?

But sometimes it's all marbles and dry slick and sand, and it's the name of the game: a front end that won't stick.

You broke an aluminum Bark Buster? If that broke then maybe it saved other parts of your bike (bar, levers) from bending or snapping. There are several types of brush guards and protectors. Shop around to see what fits your budget and type of riding (some are burly ready-to-hit-trees-at-full speed sort of stuff whereas others are simple flexible lightweight roost deflectors).

What tire are you using and how old is it really?

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