My next 03' bike is going to be my first KTM after hearing this. If the other manufactures do not join in with the fight or get involved as much as KTM is then that's one less brand I will consider buying. "RIDE ORANGE",where can I find these stickers at?

"Personally, I'd like to see a coalition of OHV users, mountain bikers, hikers and campers join together and keep public lands open for everyone. We can all co-exist in the great outdoors - as much as the greenies would like you to think that we can't."

Way to go Katoom! Someone actually gets it - it is going to take more than just us motoheads to take on the greenies. I hope this idea spreads to every recreational oriented manufacturer out there while they are still in business.

Thanks for the info excite!

[ June 19, 2002: Message edited by: Ron in SoCal ]

but the problem is the campers and hikers like it quiet. So they dont like us either. so how do we start a club if some dont like us?

www.CORVA.org and the BLUE RIBBON Coalition - www.sharetrails.org are two groups fighting for us. CORVA has or is in the process of going multi access for mountain bikers, hikers, equestrian, and all of us who use the outdoors. Many recreational related businesses that have joined CORVA'S ACTION PROGRAM are donating to the cause when we purchase items at their business. For example, when I buy a new bike from a business that supports the ACTION PROGRAM $25 dollars goes towards our cause and fight. Another example would be if I buy a Weekend Warrior trailer $25 goes toward our cause. www.CORVA.org should have a list of businesses that are in the ACTION PROGRAM that support recreation and our land issues. I would rather buy from these businesses that are part of the ACTION PROGRAM. I'm a member of both www.Corva.org and www.sharetrails.org , sign up and become a member. I think www.Corva.org has a free 3 month trial membership right now.

[ June 19, 2002: Message edited by: excitebike02 ]

Originally posted by lewichris:

but the problem is the campers and hikers like it quiet. So they dont like us either. so how do we start a club if some dont like us?

This is the myth. If your running a closed course pipe or tearing around the camping areas stirring up a lot of dust, then some people will get annoyed. But don't presume that campers and hikers automatically don't like us. Say hi, stop and chat, wave, be friendly and respectful. You'd be surprised. It's just as easy to make friends as it is to make enemies. :)

Bingo. Where I typically ride, there are no people, but some of us run into people on foot or horseback fairly often. If we behave, wait for them to pass, say hi, and start a conversation, they soon realize that we are not the land-raping monsters the greens make us out to be.

These guys are right, join an organization that will expose the anti-access agenda for what it really is...a shot at closing access to all but a chosen few. Join Corva, ARRA, or Blue Ribbon Coalition. If you are a member of AMA, contribute to your local District Legal Defense Fund and AMA will match it. If you are with a club, donate a bunch of money while their matching program is still open.

Just get active in some way, and we will soon become a coalition like Ron mentioned.

PS: get the horsemen involved. They have some of the same issues we do.


PS: Way to go KTM!!!!

[ June 19, 2002: Message edited by: Dan from HB ]

That story is almost a year old. Why is it just now news??

It's news to me. :D

Didn't realize this was an old story. Maybe it's time the other manufacturers get the news, too. :)

This is exactly what we have been needing. A forum like TT and the internet to get the word out quickly to many people with our same interests. The greens have been doing it in other ways since the 70's. Now we have the means, the interest and motivation, and the money! I knew we could get this rolling with just a little persistence on everyone's part. I hate to say I told you so, but.....

That sounds so cool under these circumstances. Tell all your riding friends. I will email my entire club tonight. And join your favorite recreational advocacy organization. Send them money!


Here's my 2cents. We need to get the local dealers more involved in the educating of the buyers of all off-road, on-rodd and watercrafts. When you bought your last bike did your sales person give you any type of info on the organizations the help fight to keep our PUPLIC LANDS OPEN TO THE PUPLIC. When you purchase a motorcyle, snowmobile or watercraft they should inform you and give out applications and pamplets on the organizations, ie..BLC, AMA, Local AMA District (even if you don't race you should join as they are in the fight also) CORVA, Local Riding Club etc...

If we can the dealers invoved to start the educating I hope it will help alot, because we need all the help we can get. So join up (whoops gotta send in my BLC application). So lets get the word out to your local dealers and get them to start educating.

Ride Safe, Ride Often and Have Fun


Moose, I agree with you to an extent. However, the dealers have to be careful how they approach first-time buyers. Our sport could self-destruct if they are scared off by a point-of-sale political campaign meant to fight off the enviro-nazis. It would have to have a very positive tone if presented in that context.

This recreational land-use battle is about to become much nastier than in the past, because we the recreationists are now armed with more money, are pressed into somewhat of a corner, and are becoming more politically and legally active. That should draw some vicious responses from the usual enviro-suspects, and can become very negative.

I like the idea of dealers supplying a pamphlet and some contacts of local clubs and advocacy organizations for new buyers to contact. I think they can encourage people to look into it on their own without overemphasizing.

Bottom line is that all we wanted to do when we got into this sport is ride our machines, but what we are getting along with it is a responsibility to defend our right to do it. I guess everything comes with a price, right?


It would be a good step for dealers to sign new riders up for an AMA membership so they could get the magazine for at least a year and learn about the issues facing all of us. Thirty dollars (or whatever the current rate is) is not much to ask since it could help ensure the sports future and future sales. If the AMA worked with the dealers I bet the fee could be reduced further. There is strength in numbers.

hey i am a camper , hiker, hunter, rider. i do it all. i know how to be curtious. But most people arent. they like to show off. i have been in the camper role and wanted to grab out the BB gun. Most people i see aren't curtious to the non riders. Because the curtious ones are no where to be seen. I know there are more of them out there.


newRiver and Lewichris have definitely hit the nail it on the head. Perception of off road riders starts at home. PLEASE be a good ambassador for the sport. At the risk of being repetitive to the above constuctive comments, buy a quiet pipe, ride slow through campgrounds, etc. Most people are not impressed by wheelies, just annoyed. I know many of you TT'ers adhere to this philosophy already.

Amen Joel & others!

[ June 24, 2002: Message edited by: klx.rider. ]

You're scaring me, KLX.

I believe the eco-nazis think we all are neanderthals. KLX's post only supports their image of us. I do no think the cartoon is an appropriate expression of our community's reaction to the Eco's political position.

This is not intended as an ad hominem attack on KLX. I worry that we sometimes create our own problems.

No offense is intended.


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