WR450 to WR400??

After spending most of my years riding in wide open fast tracks I have been riding in a lot of single trail gnarly stuff in the last 12 months & it is excellent fun. The only downside is the WR450 is physically exhausting for an old bloke like me. :lame: I have read some recent ride reports about the new KTM 400-EXC & have considered de-stroking & bringing the WR450 engine back to 400 specs as according to a friend who is a KTM manager this gives the bike a more managable power spread for tighter trail work whereas the KTM 450-EXC is an animal. I have heard of other riders doing this conversion to their WR450's has anyone had any experience with this as it would be a cheaper option than selling my '06 WR450 for a loss then buying a new KTM 400-EXC (If I could get one!) This conversion coupled with a slipper clutch may greatly make the bike a more manageable alternative for tight trails work.

Looking forward to your feedback

here's what i learned 450 does not like "technical" i sumoed my wr

got my kx250 a little tuning and i got a "woods bike"

i am in perfect shape (round) it is fine and dandy to ride the 450 as a woods bike but being fast on the 450 dont work for me. unless its quad trails and open roads

While my '00 WR400 is a very capable bike, my '05 KTM 450EXC is much easier to ride in any situation. I rode the EXC in Michigan sand last week for three days, about 250 miles, didn't even breath hard or get sore. The WR under similar conditions will wear me out.

Jeez Creeky, Still riding at 71!! I hope I still can at your age, makes me sound like an old woman complaining about my age at 47. :bonk:

That seems to be the general opinion on the WR450's that they are not suited for woods style riding. I have two mates who have '07 WR450's & they seem to be able to throw them around a lot better in the tight technical stuff. It could come down to the later model aluminium framed bikes having a lower centre of gravity. Having spent lots of $$$ in nearly 3 years on setting the suspension up, DRD pipe, Vortex ignition, Boyzen quickshot, etc I think I have gone as far as I can with this current bike. :lol: Maybe it is time to upgrade to a later bike after all, something a bit more suited to the type of riding I prefer to do.

Keep the good feedback coming through.:lame:

Cheers from Oz

Trade it in for a wr 250. They are great in tight technical trails.

It won't beat the crap out of you like the big bore.

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