Not Lovin my WR450.....

My MY MY Im on a 07wr450 im 5'10 put a 8 inch wide seat on it.The bike is not tall you dont have it set up right

Do you have any pictures of the seat and what brand is it, the awful stock seat and being too tall are my main complaints., thanks.

I'm 5' this in Sumo set up too tall for me? I think I'd prefer a WR450 w/ street title over my DRZ-400...

I was also told it's quite easy to get 50+ hp out of a WR450.

Not really sure what to say to some of the points, I think everyone's riding is so different its hard to get a balanced view.

Shaving the seat is a common "solution" but all I can say is to corner properly on a dirt bike you have to be able to slide up to the tank to weight the front, that needs a flat seat not a shaved seat! I have tried it.

I don't understand some of the comments about "setting it up right" - my sag is around 100/110mm mark, so the seat height is as low as I can go without compromising suspension action.

Fair point about the front needing lowering less in comparison, I guess that will work in my favour then.

And the other point about riding style. Yes, momentum is the key, and yes I stand up a lot anyway. The problem is when things get really nasty you are down to a crawl and need to be able to get yer feet down in a confident way.

- Steve


I reduced sag from the factory set 3”, to 4”, as an experiment to lower the seat a little (reminder that I’m about 155lbs and 5’ 10”). Plus increased the compression 3 clicks.

Also dropped the forks another 5mm (10mm down from the cap)

I was surprised to find the bike felt great on the trail ie not soft, and noticeably easier to handle at slow speed as I can now get both feet flat (just) on the deck.

The front felt fantastic, I can slide up the seat perhaps even easier now, and really nail it round the corners.

A few months ago I hit an MX track and was not bottoming with the original 3” sag, so I know what’s needed for that (my jumping is not extreme).

In an ideal world I would like the seat a little lower still, for the gnarly stuff, but for most riding the way it is now is great! I don’t think this bike will ever be as good as the KTM as far as light feel and low(er) seat height is concerned, but the WR suspension is SO much plusher, which for anything other than a MX track is exactly what I wanted…



I have an 05 WR450.After riding 2 strokes my whole life I found the WR's front end would wash out on almost all corners.This is a common problem with these bikes.put a soft font tire on it with smaller width knobs I went to a Kenda millville 771.Problem was instantly solved

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