You are right, winter sucks

Hi all of the northern guys.

Don't despair, we have less than half of the worst part of the winter ahead of us. January is almost finished, we only have february and a part of march between us and the start of a new season. :):D

I guess it's time to do all of the house repairs that our loved one has been asking for :D, so we'll have more free time to ride when the nice weather comes back :D :D

I went out riding on Dec 27 ,It was perfect weather here in Western Ontario. Where do you ride? Do you ever go riding near Lachute north of Hawksbury? If you like tight stuff you should try Limerick north of Brockville.

I live on the south side of Montréal, about 20 Km away in a small village of Verchères. Conditions here are s##t ! We had ice storms and rain with +2 (34 F) deg C. temp. and the next day it drops to - 15 deg C. I take this time to add a street legal kit, the grease zerts mods, and whatever will come up. :)

Best wishes for new year

January is almost finished

Almost finished, eh? There are 23 more days to go on my calendar. :)

Winter is sucking more than usual this year. We're getting snow every 2 to 3 minutes here. :D

This is called POSITIVE THINKING :D:)

You are right !!! :)

hey, a fiew more months and Black Fly season will be on you and snow will sound pretty good.

Winter is the reason why I packed up and moved to Southern California! It was the best thing that I ever did.

You know, I use to split the winter into different parts to make it pass faster.

November: still riding

December: New gear(s) for Christmas

January: cleaning, modifying, adjusting...

Feb: motorcycle shows in Québec and Montréal

March: riding on the hard packed snow of snowmobile trails

April: Heeere comes the sun!!!

Will you go to the Montréal motorcycle show in february Sylvain?

Math :)

So your on the south shore. Is there any good riding there?

I've never been past Brossard.

Oh Boo Hoo, you should live in the Rockies where winter is a lot longer. At least I'm a skier, but even our snow conditions suck this year. If I can't be riding it may as well be dumping snow. :)

So whats the problem with winter? Last weekend it was a real nice 65 degrees here. :)


Yeah, I heard about your snow conditions this year.... pretty bad.

One of my friend was supposed to go skiing in your area during the christmas holydays but kept is plane ticket and decided to use it later this year (or even next year).

He was really disappointed so I guess you are also :)

Math :D

I knew there was to be a wise crack coming from the south :)

Enjoy while it lasts. All the weather specialists are forecasting that in a few thousands of years, WE are going to have the warm weather and you are going to freeze your behind... :D

I'm not very familiar with the surroundings but I'm discovering more trails as I ride with friends. There is a nice trail along the rail track going from the arena of Contrecoeur to Sorel. Around 60 Km back and forth.

Oui Monsieur ! :)

I can hardly wait for the Montréal bike show. I intend to buy and watch for all kind of goodies for this season. :D

It was 74 deg F. here in Austin, Texas today. Too bad I was working!!!!!!!!!!

Hey banffboy, do you know anyone that lives in or near Revelstoke? I'm looking for some accurate, unbiased reports on the snow conditions in that area. Really sorry to hear that it sucks out there so far this year. I for one really enjoy the change of seasons and look forward to the winter. Love to get out on the sled just as much as the bikes, but we've really been hurtin' for snow out here too. I've only managed to get out twice locally so far this season, but that's better than last year I suppose.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I want to make new friends :D

But only new friends that live down south ..... :)

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