You are right, winter sucks

Hey Sylvain,

I was about to propose you to try to meet at the Montréal motorcycle show but I'm afraid I'm to far up north to be your friend... LOL :)

If I remember correctly, you posted a few months ago that you were about to convert your WR to street legal, what kit did you finally used?

Math :D

Hey Pete Z

I shouldn't be so jaded in my comments. It just when your used to skiing in fresh snow you get spoiled. Our skiing isn't that bad, just not great like it can be(like last year). As far as Revelstoke goes, they always get snow. I have friends who sled and sled ski there all the time. There is lots of POW! right now, but stability is the main concern. The way weather started this winter has created some nasty weak layers in the snow pack. It should improve.

I'm supposed to be going to Revelstoke sleddin' sometime this April. I've been told that it's the best time of year to ride the mountains, with the most consistent good weather. I have been hearing about the lack of snow in the mountains this year, and that's the only thing that would screw up this trip for me, so I'm just trying to get a heads-up on the situation. If you don't mind,when you see your friends that ride Revelstoke, ask them how conditions are shaping up, sled-wise. Thanks.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

It was 80 degrees (F) here in Phoenix just a few days ago. Today it's a nippy 65 :).

I just don't have a bike to ride :D.

Check your PM



The roopn' is good, by April it will be awesome(as always). If you have never been out here to sled it will freak you out. There will be sh*t loads of snow by then and the stability usually gets a bit better by then. You got to remember you will be at 6,000 to 8,500'. Even if you have rain in Revy it will be puking snow above 6 thou. Are you getting pumped yet!!!?? :):D

Black flyes,

Is this lunch on the go ? :)

Banffboy, pumped doesn't even describe it fully! I can hardly wait. It should be a good laugh for the locals watching us flatlanders getting stuck and choking on thin moutain air.Just gotta make sure that I make it through the riding season here in one piece. We're starting to get some snow now, they're calling for 60cm over the next 24 to 48 hrs., so our trails should be fully groomed and open real soon. I'm pumped about that too! It's been too long since I've ridden anything other than an ATV, which are sadly lacking in the excitement department, but good for between seasons I guess.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Yea your right, winter sucks. It got real cold last week, down into the forties (42 degrees). I had to find my riding jacket before I went trail riding. Wasted 10 minutes looking for it. By the way, what is snow?

Alabama Rider - FYI snow is kinda like grits, but tastes better. :)

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Pooooor you :D

It must of been hard to go riding in that kind of weather. I hope you had a good pair of long underwear to protect your behind from the cold. :D

Now with that said, you seem to be a perfect candidate to make new friends from the north. Where do you live? Your exact adress? And prepare the house to receive the visit of myself and 182 friends of mine that are willing to leave our -15 deg F for your tropical climate. :D :D

Thanks in advance :)

On the Gulf Coast of Alabama, USA. This is a great time of year to ride. Skies are clear and its cool. Last weekend I rode 27 miles in the Desoto National Forest near Biloxi, Mississippi. Will ride about 20 miles tommorrow... I heard its going down near 33F on Sunday. Now thats scary.

What are you guys talkin about "winter sucks". Winter is great. I just picked up my kids 2003 TTR 90 Thursday. Friday night I was studding the tires. I am re-working my ice tires this morning. We, me and my 6yr old, are going ice ridding Sunday. And when Im done Ice ridding Im going to mount up my studded trail tires and go ridding single track in the snow next weeekend. At night of coarse.

I know you Canada folks probably get a lot more snow than we do in Michigan. But there is always snowmobile trails. They get packed down enough to ride on w/ studded tires.

Here in Utah there has been a drought and the riding is not too bad. It is cold, but there are still great places to go like the Knolls and Little Sahara. Here is the link to a picture of the Knolls on 2-12-02 last year: The Knolls in winter. It was cold, but what a blast!


YZMAN You don't want to get caught on the snowmobile trails,They wil string you up on the nearest tree.

A lot of our snowmobile trails are also Orv trails. So legely we can ride them. The slednecks might not apreciate us out there. But who cares. And a lot of times in the tight trails you can outrun them. You can outbrake and out corner them on a bike. They have ya on the straights. Depending on the trails a lot of the time you can out run the sleds around here.

I just got back from ice ridding today. I had my yz400 studded. We just bought my 6 yr old sons ttr90 thursday and friday it was studded. He was out with us today rippin it up. His 1st time on the ice and that bike.

We had about 20 bikes out there. Had a fire on the ice. Grilled hot dogs. Made Chili. Had a grand ol time.

What kind of sleds have you been riding? Boa Ski, Snow Cruiser,or Sno Bug? :)

Yeah, we're at -24*C (-11*F) now with 3 feet+ snow. GMC's cold weather testing facility is here and we get to see interesting prototypes, sometimes from other manufacturers...What ever happened with Yamaha's experimental 2 wheel drive WR 426, by the way??...

And don't forget good old "El Nino", who's expected to reward us with an early, dry and warm spring, starting in March!... :)

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