How long should my exhaust packing last?

Seems like my 20 hour increments are a little short. Whats the best packing?

What's the pipe?

10-20 hrs depending on riding conditions (wet/Dry)

longer if you plug the exhaust everytime you wash the bike and ride in dry conditions.

Silent sport makes nice quality exhaust packing

Stocker 05 yz 450

The Silent Sport packing is a good product. One of the things that makes the OEM packing hold up so well is that it has a layer of "steel wool" around teh core between the packing and the core. This buffers the the exhaust a little, and helps the packing hold up.

The TT store sell the SS stuff, and the Race Tools kit on This Page. The kit includes the steel mesh material.

Race Tools also makes pre-formed kits. The DRD kits I use for my DRD pipes last 5 or 6 times as long as FMF Premium 4-stroke packing, and is 20 times less annoying to install.

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