California's new sound laws / Aftermarket Pipes?

Do any of the aftermarket exhaust systems meet the new California sound requirements of 96(db)?

Are the Rangers already conducting sound checks? Are they giving warnings or tickets?



I got a CRD Absolute Power 2. When I first got it I tested at 96, but a month and a half later 98. If I repack I hope to get it back down to 96. They also make a pipe that is suposed to be at 91, but they say it it is more for Enduro/trails. You can check them out at. :)

scott i live in sd and i don't think the sound laws will be a problem here for a long time.


Everyone here is still trying to figure out what meets the new standards and what does not. This is exactly the kind of confusion that gets laws overturned in our courts......sometimes. There are three problems as I see it:

1. A citizen has to have hundreds of dollars worth of equipment to test whether they are in violation of the law.

2. It is possible that the equipment is not mass produced yet to bring vehicles into compliance; ie: there is now a mandate without the technology to allow people to comply.

3. The enforcement of these laws is somewhat arbitrary. External factors out of the rider's control can contribute to a legal reading in one area and an illegal reading in another. Factors such as vegetation, ground hardness and material, nearby vehicles or buildings, moisture and humidity levels, and training levels for testers (rangers) all have an effect.

I can't think of a single law that would stand to this scrutiny in any other area of American life or in many courts in the US. I don't know why it should here.

For my part, I just installed a FMF Q series. It's probably the closest to meeting the standard, but I don't really know until I am tested.

Can you imagine if they suddenly required every automobile owner to go out and purchase $400 of new emissions equipment in order to continue driving on state highways? Can you imagine if they then did random testing along the highway and gave out $200 tickets for non-compliance? Especially if you did not have the equipment to learn whether the equipment had a chance of passing or not? Can you imagine the outcry?

To their credit, the BLM and USFS seem to be somewhat flexible on meeting the 96dB limits for now, but could force you to park your scooter at any time and they would have the law on their side.


I just have to shake my head in disbelief.


Here's what they're doing at Hollister Hills State Park:

Notify you as you come in to get the bike sound checked - I've been told that they will give you a one-ride grace period if you fail.

If you pass, they issue a sticker that is placed on your red or green sticker.

Next time in, they just look at the sticker(s) to let you by as usual.

BUT... if your bike "somehow" becomes noticeably loud around a ranger they will require field checks and may prosecute in flagrant violation cases.

Bottom line here is that you can't even get in if your bike doesn't pass sound.

Check this out.

Tom Maguire

Sound Results


That is why I try to ride on the weekdays after work, They don't hassle you one bit. But on the weekends its a nightmare. I live in Los Banos but work in Hollister, PM me sometime to go riding.

Does anyone have that vortek tip? and does it perform well?


Same here I ride the hills on weekdays for two reasons

No hassle riding

No nuts going the wrong way

and less crowded

ok thats three.

I would be willing to hook up anytime...

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