Lighter E start battery? Where do I find one?

I have heard of people saving a few pounds by swapping out the stock battery for a lighter model. Where can I find one, and what are the model number specifics. Also, for anyone who has done it, did you find the mod to have been worth it, in terms of the $ to the weight savings? Was there any difference in battery performance either? Thanks in advance.

I think KTM make a light weight smaller battery you can buy direct from them... don't know how much???

The best battery for KTM's is the Yuasa YTZ7S, although it is slightly heavier than the standard battery. The YTZ7S comes stock on the Honda CRF450X.

Note that 'JoeT' over at KTMTalk sells Li batteries that are fully compatible with the stock electrical charging system. I installed one of his 5 aH ($130) batteries in my '08 KTM (HTR 350) 250 XCF-W and so far it is working as well as or better than the stock battery, and at 1.6 lbs saves almost 4 lbs of weight.

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