helping a friend with a 03 wr 450

Ok looked through the search engine for 03 starter mods and cant find anything specific. Have a broke kick gear and idler seems that someone said there was a design flaw and should use 04 this just with the kick starter gears or is there something to be done to the electric starter cluth thingy? please forgive my lack of search skills and shoot me the link... Highly apreciated

The 03 WR had a starter idler gear with no clutch in it, if the motor kicked back while starting with the starter, it would at the least , shear the flywheel key, and at the worst break the case half. Yamaha changed the starter idler to a different design that had a clutch in it, which would "break away" with excessive torque applied, so the other components would not have to endure the shock. These parts have noting to do with the actual kicker gears, in fact, they are on the other side of the motor. I believe the kicker parts have been the sam for a while. Hope this helps. Do a search for for starter problems and you will see the parts i am talking about.


Do a search using the name "woodruff". I think all your questions will be answered in some of those posts.

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