Cam chain tension?

When you change the timing and you reinstall the cam chain tensioner, do you just turn the screw out until the tensioner rests on the chain leaving slight play or do you continue turning the screw counter clockwise until the screw and chain are real tight? Thanks for the help!


Just let it find its own tension. If you think it stuck early, tap it with something light.

Good luck,


After the YZ timing, I did this solely for the benefit of the cam chain tensioner: Fuel selector OFF, spark plug wire pulled, decompression release ON, now kick the engine over 20 or so times.

Helps the cam chain tensioner RUN IN tight. Then re install plug wire, turn gas back on, and start normally.

Its a little confusing how this thing works..... if you are still in doubt, unscrew the bolt which covers the tensioner adjuster, turn the adjustment screw anti clockwise until it stops and turn the screw 1/4 turn clockwise and let go. You will hear it unwind itself and snap back to the correct tension.


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