are rad guards limiting rad efficiency?

I was looking at Devol rad guards on the TT shop and I was asking myself if it was possible that rad guards could badly affect the air flow through the radiators limiting their efficiency.

May sound like a stupid question ... the holes in the guards are probably wide enough to let the air in...

Thanks anyway for any answers

Math :)

I suspect it would limit the air flow when the bottom is full of mud.

I can't really answer the question other than to say that I've had the guards on my bike for quite awhile and have been happy with them. My bike has boiled over when I didn't have them and has boiled over when I did have them. I know that is not very quantitative, but I haven't noticed any obvious degradation of cooling performance.

On the other hand, a busted radiator does not cool very effectively I suspect. :)

I suspect you could be right!! :)

I installed some DEVOLS last night and I don't think they will unduly affect the cooling efficiency UNLESS they totally clog up with poo. Even then there is about a 30mm gap between the perforated screen and and the radiator surface so there will be still scope for lateral airflow. In all other respects I see the protection that they offer outweighing any potential reduction in cooling efficiency - which incidentally isn't really an issue in the UK anyway - our summer is only 4 days long in duration - and these four days aren't even consecutive and they are always Tuesdays when I am stuck in my office anyway! :)

I've had devols on all my bikes.I haven't overheated on had them fill up with mud.I would think at really slow speeds they may restirct flow.But you would be on the verge of overheating anyways.

I have always heard that they make the engine run hotter, but the stick through the radiator alternative just seems worse.

I have never had a problem and I'm used to riding in over 100 degree temps down here in AZ (you know the little state at the bottom left of the map). Hot's hot I guess.

Thanks for your opinions guys,

neWRiver opinion is very convincing for anyone that might ask if these guards are worth to buy!!! :)

In fact I was already convinced but still surprised that it doesn't affect the rad performance that much...

Anyway, Thank you again,

Math :D

I have been running Radiator guards on both my bikes in the worst of conditions in heat up as high as 110 degrees and have never had a boil over because of them. The one and only boil over that I ever had was because of a faulty radiator cap, and the bike was at an idle when it happened. New 16 lb cap , no more problems.

Bonzai :)

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