brp vs ktm 520 exc

a friend of mine just called and wanted to know if i would even swap my 01 brp for his stock ktm 520 exc. both bikes have nj title and plates. his is stock and a 00. mine has a e sires,summers fork brace, protapers, moose skid plate, ims 4 gallon tank, ims shrouds, devol rad gards, and elderbrock pumper. i need advice making up my mind. i ride tight east cost enduros and he just doesn't seem to like the ktm feel. he only rode the bike a hand full of times. thanks in advance. later :)

Think about it?!..

Why does he want to give up his KTM???

Unless you don't like the BRP, I would tend to think he knows what the better bike is and wants to get one over on you.

That's just what I think. :)

Stay with the BRP.

I love my BRP but, all things being equal condition wise, the KTM is worth more, is a better woods bike, and has electric start. Do it!!!

I think that if both bikes are in simalr condition and equaly worn,with a little proper set up and afew gaurds (skid plate ect.)the KTM is the bike to have, expecialy if you ride tight woods. :)

I had 2 XR650R's, bought a '02 KTM MXC last year. The "magic" button, lighter, more power. This is the best bike I have owned! The XR was a great bike but the KTM is light years ahead.

Trade for the KTM if its in excellent condition. You can still sell it and get another XR650 w/o loosing money.

The only terrain I would rather have the 650 for is Baja type desert.

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