2 pipes for yz450f 06???????

Hello guys!i I want to buy a full exhaust system for yzf450 but i'm thinking with two pipes.Exept devil does anyone knows if there is sth else and the results of the dyno?


If you mean a two muffler set up like the CRF250R, no one makes one that I know of, and there is no advantage to them.

Devil does


But you want to know companies other than them. I don't know of anyone else that makes them for the Yamaha. As Gray said though, they won't offer any benefit, just adds more weight and makes the bike more susceptible to damage.

i think Leo Vince does. i seen one in a calalog but i couldnt find it on there web page. very expensive any way. and think about it this way..first of all you only have 1 cylender so why have 2 pipes? and if you crash. your chance of smashing one is raised by %50 and with that goes the cost.

those devil cans are huge, if they were a bit smaller then it'd look cool enough to justify but not with the size of those.

besides you'd have to find a rear number plate to fit, or does devil supply that?

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