YZF450 red hot exhaust

Hey Gang

I'm new to this big 2 wheeled 4 stroke thing (been buggies and quads for many years) I just bought an 04 YZF450, I haven't even taken it out yet. Running it on the stand the header pipe gets red hot...not just a slight glow..this puppy is cherry red! Is this normal or do I have issues?



Yes it's normal if you search the forums there are some posts about it.

i recommend that you dont let it idle on the stand for long.

4 strokes, especially 450's overheat easy, also, you arent supposed

to let a race bike idle for more than 30 seconds because of carbon deposits

i do it anyway, but im just sayin

Thanks guys!

No need to bash on the guy but I cant believe we're still getting these here...it's cool though :lame::bonk:

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