Works Perch?

Anyone tried the Works Connection Pro Perch? I would be interested on any feed back. It looks like a low profile, simplified perch.

Look forward to the replys :)

My friend had one on his WR400 and it was sweet.

Smooth feel to the clutch.

Easy feel.

Easy pull.

Look trick too.

I got jealous and got one better,

I went for a Hebo hydraulic clutch unit.

No strain, all day perfect feel, all weather, smooth sweet feel.

One finger juice clutch they say.....

Consider this if you are getting the works perch,

Most guys i talked to got one and never looked back.

KTM, Gas Gas, Husaberg and Husqvarna have all gone hydraulic,

maybe the japs will learn and put them on too......

(Mine is on the way but my friends Gas Gas/KTM is so sweet)



Just received my Hebo clutch kit. *

Had it installed the same day.(Saturday)

What can i say, i'm pulling two fingers on this baby.

I have no regrets on installing this on my bike.

Looks a bit weird cos i got a slave cylinder sticking on the left side

of the bike but it doesn't matter, its so so so so so so so sweet.

Need i say anymore how sweet i think it really is???

I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a nice easy pull from the clutch.

Once you set it up right, you do not have to change it anymore,

the clutch pull remains the same each and everytime.

I am not sure about anyone out there who is using the works

perch combo but this setup rocks..........

Anyone out there who begs to differ?

Please let me know..

I am open to difference of opinion....

Here is a picture of mine mounted. It has bearings in the lever. Having the decompresion lever by the thumb seems easier to me. I think it is a great setup, but I did ot buy it. It came with the bike when I bought it. To much money for my blood.

Works Connection Pro Perch

Hey cooperjmm

Nice setup. Hows the pull? Is it easier than stock?

Maybe when i get a pic of mine, i'll put it too.

The thumb de-comp however is very nice. :D

Mine still runs stock cos i can't fit the aftermarket with the stock hebo clutch.

Any ideas? :)

Basically the costs were too high and since i was going to spend it,

i decided to go hydraulic.


I have the older style Works Connection perches with the decompression lever mounted 'in front' of the bars on my '99 WR400 and my wife's '92 XR250. They work great and I don't have to worry about a leaking hydraulic system.

I originally bought the Works Connection perch for my '90 KX500 and it made a huge difference on that bike.


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