New WR450 06 Owner, new to the forum, hello!

Hello folks I have just got a 2006 WR450F and I will be using it on the road. I am a returning biker as I was involved in a major near fatal accident at work in May 07, having both my Femurs crushed by a 1968 Ford Mustang GT350. I am now recovering well and walking thanks to some metalwork. And will be attending college soon to retrain as a motorcycle mechanic. The insurance company are funding the course and my full motorcycle licence.

So my Mum bless her has bought me the bike, as a friend was selling it at a great price, so I can sit and look at it until I pass my test. More torture!

The bike has only covered 687 miles and is pristine. I am just wondering if I should go the full Super Moto way, or fit some more road type tires to the existing rims. any suggestions would be great!:lame:


Are your area roads bordered by fun dirt roads or non-technical unpaved routes? Maybe you'd like to explore those someday; SM wheels/tires can still do those just at a slower speed for the most part.

If you have no desire to go off the pavement then by all means kit your great new bike in some SM gear!

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