What do i look for?

Hey guys im looking at buying a 99 YZ400f (selling the cbr and getting into dirt bikes) and i want to know what i should be looking for? I have done a search and found the problem with the thread damage to the lower filter cover bolt and there are the things with all bikes like fork seals, is there anything else thats common on the yz400? :lame:

How much are you paying for the bike? You might be able to find a newer one for close to the same price. Just a thought. If you can while looking at the bike look closely at the suspension in general. Put the bike on a stand and put your chest on the seat reach down and grab the swing arm and pull up and down on it and see how much play is in the suspension. you should have little to no play in it. If the suspension bearings are shot it will run you about $175.00 in parts. I would also take off the seat and look at the air filter and the overall condition of the air box. If its dirty and grungy in there it will tell you a lot about how the last person who owned it took care of it. Lastly pull the oil filter out and see if it has any metal fragments in it. This will give you a good indication of the condition of the internals of the engine.

Should get it for $2600-$2700 and if this sounds like lots remember im in Australia so the prices could be higher, from what i can find this is a fair price but i am still doing research. I will make sure i will do all of these things. I am looking for a bike to learn on really as it has been a while since i have ridden a dirt bike

See what the '01-'02 YZ426 sells for.

See what the '01-'02 YZ426 sells for.

+1.... the 426 is possibly the hottest motor yamaha has produced to date. Ive been on many makes and models (included yamaha 450's) and the 426 motor just stands out in my opinion. Other one that stood out was the 07 ktm 450... man that thing has a beast of a motor! :lame:

From what i can find the 426 are worth any where from $3500 to $4500 but i think i will only get $3500 for my CBR and i still have to buy boots and another helmet and armour and stuff so $$$ is the reason i am looking at this 400. Plus the bike is in town so i don't have to drive a few hours like i would with any of the 426's i can find

There is more general "what to look for" when buying any used dirt bike than specifics by model. If you are buying a used dirt bike, unless you know the seller & know they have taken very good care of it, you better expect to spend money to fix things you cannot see. A good visual inspection and can tell a lot but much could still be hiding.

I do realise that there are risks and there is lots to look for on all bikes what i was asking was is there anything model specific, like i have a Mazda MX6 and they hav problems with rear brake calipers seizing and also the waterpumps go bad, is there anything like this on the yz400

Yamahas are undeniable the most reliable steed as far as racing 4 strokes go. The 400 is regarded as rock solid as long as maintenance is kept up. SS valves help extend life of the head as well.

You really can't go wrong... Id say in this Global recession we're in, I would lowball (make a low offer) on any bike that your considering. A lot of people (here at least) are getting rid of all their toys (pretty much anything with a motor)... so its really a buyers market. If he doesn't take the offer, say thank you and move on. Chances are he might contact you later and accept your offer (that's how i got my yz250 for so cheap)!

EDIT*** One thing I have seen a lot with the 400/426 is bent and broken sub-frames. This appears to be a common problem, but fortunately its an easy and cheap fix. I broke two different sub-frames when i owned my 426. They both broke in the same spot (weld on the right side). I have also looked at a few 400's that had the same break. Just something to look out for.

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