WR450 in America? yes or no.

I have first option on a WR450. My dealer promised early January delivery. The WR450 is nowhere in sight! Has anyone in America received one? They were susposed to be here this week ..... or is it just a dream...

None in USA. I heard FEB, March. Delievery. We will see. I would love to see one in action .


Someone posted that they have arrived in Idaho...

I sat on one and started it up,It sounds Cool!

Wait ,you said in America , nevermind hehe

P.S that was just before Christmass :):D

i don't think yamaha has actually shipped a single production bike yet otherwise someone in the world would have posted here by now . i saw a report from australia but they were dual sported and not much if any information was given with regards to performance or actual weight . why would the wr be released so much later than the yz ? i'm sure it's not to create more of a demand as there's more than a few riders tired of waiting that have purchased other models . or maybe yamaha is simply waiting for the few remaining wr426's to be sold . just my guess

Did you read my post?

let me repeat, I sat on a 2003 WR450 just before christmass .

It was too much money though 8500.00 Euros.

Sightings of WR450's have been reported. I also saw Santa Claus on my roof last week, with Rudolf. Elvis appeared again in the Memphis airport. The Wizard of OZ has several WR450's. The munchkins are riding them.... A WR450 was delivered to Sweden, where they can't ride till April. That makes sense. We have one in France, BUT NONE IN AMERICA...

BAD BAD NEWS... I talked to my Yamaha dealer today. He told me the WR450 has been put on production HOLD. He says no bikes will ship anytime soon. Bikes already out may be recalled... Said would be "months" before anyone would get one... Thank goodness I have an honest Yamaha dealer. If your dealer hasn't told you, then you need to ask him why not...

Sorry to burst your balloon but I received mt WR450 last Thursday Jan. 8, 2003 at about 12:45 pm PST. Read about in my post "IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE on TT, if you haven"t already.


Thank goodness I have an honest Yamaha dealer.


The last source for credible information is a 'Yamaha dealer'.

The more rumors about bikes being delayed the higher the cost you're willing to pay so 'you won't miss your chance'.

I believe we found our troll selling bikes in Alabama. The only thing your dealer is honest about is how much he loves your money.

The bikes are being delivered and there has been more than one post by proud new owners.

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