wr starting

I am thinking of getting a new bike,and as the wr450 is now on sale,the WR426/400 are available at real good prices.

What I would like to know is what are they really like to start in the real world? (ie in forests,up to the axles in mud etc).

what are they like to start when you have just fallen off,and the bike landed almost upside down on a hill?

After all,these are real life situations for a wr...I don't care what its like cold.Whats it like in the heat of the moment?

It seems to differ depending on who you talk to and how much they have mucked about with the jetting. Once you know the technique, which is NEVER twist the throttle before or during the start procedure, my WR 400 fires up first kick even when dropped or stalled in a massive puddle. When the engine is hot just use pull out the hot start button. The other advantgae of the Wr is that you can put the sidestand down when restarting which really enables you to give the kickstart a good boot!

I have heard many horror stories about starting their WR/YZ's 4??. But I have had really good luck starting my 2001 WR426 when I followed the starting procedure from Yamaha (I think it's still on the Yamaha web page). Usually take's one kick to get it to fire. This is not true for colder temps, that's another story.

There is another post on here that give you ideas on have to start it in those temps.

Good Luck


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