WR450 Timing

I ride a YZF and converted the tranny over to a WR model a couple years ago, but this year I will be getting a new 2003 WR450. I have had a deposit in since early summer, and like everyone else I am getting a little pissed about the delay. I'm selling my bike and now I don't have anything to race. I've already missed the first round of the AZ desert series, and I will be missing the first round of the WORCS series in Phoenix. Bummer.

A couple little questions on WR's. I've done a search on the mods and I am pretty confident on completeing them, but a couple things are still a little unclear to me.

I know in the past that you have to set the timing back on the WR to make it equivalent to the YZ. Is this going to be the same issue on the 2003 WR450? Probably a dumb question, but you never know what improvements Yamy made.

One other question. When you first pop off the cam cover on a new WR (before timing mod) Is the timing marks lined up like they should be and when you do the mod they are one tooth off? Or are they one tooth off from the factory and you line them back up to be equal to a YZF?

Excellent questions,

Until someone actually tears down a WR450 we won't know. I'm sure there is some Yamaha engineer that knows for sure. But getting information from the source is difficult.

The WR450 on display at the Long Beach Expo back in Dec. did have a throttle stop installed.

On any of the tests I've read about the WR450 didn't say anything about the timing, throttle stop, or the air box cover. I'm sure Yamaha asked them not to mention any such limitations.

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