First WR's arrived yesterday...

Called my dealer and the first WR450 and WR250 arrived yesterday. This is great news but pisses me off because I was originally first on the list but the owner put his buddy in front of me. Worse, he didn't require a down payment from him but required it of me. They're telling me that mine is still 3-6 weeks out. I can get all mad but I can't go anywhere else due to the large waiting lists. This will be my fourth bike from this dealer in less than three years. I will soon be in the market for a quad and a TTR-125 and I hope this dealer realizes that his choice (to move a buddy in front of me on the waiting list) will cost him several more sales in the near future. I guess I won't get mad...I'll just get even by going somewhere else.

what an ass. i would be a dick to them and let then know this is the last bike you will buy from them. 1st on the list means 1st and with a bike like this thta is already hard to get he should know not to do that. is a few whgere comming in it would be ok bit not in this situatiopn.



Is Snake in the business name for a reason? :)

Actually, it's a different dealership. :) I fully plan on writing the owner and letting him know my frustration and disappointment AFTER I take ownership of my new WR. I would hate for more of the same to happen. I will also make sure the correspondance shows up on the internet for all to read.

Dont be shy about it, Name and Shame! Dealer practices like this are enough cause for others to want to avoid this dealership as well, and even though some of us are not close, many others are.



Yamaha motor corp. just told me that the WRs were in the warehouse and ready to be shipped. Then they told me that all dealers should have one by the end of Feb. So some must already be in transit, if your dealer got one yesterday. My dealer said Yamaha tries to get every dealer that ordered a Wr 450 a bike before they send a second shipment to dealers that already got one.

Just got off the phone with my dealer's parts guy (Dealer is home sick). He expects one any day, but he said it could be a couple weeks, he just does'nt know. He sometimes drives to Atlanta and picks them up himself. I ask if I was still first on the list and he said yes. I hope I'm not put off as you were. First race is march 8 and I'd like to ride a while before that and also set the thing up. :)

Just got back from my local dealer, Beach Yamaha in Huntington Beach. Nope, they are due in next week. Us guys near the warehouse, and port of LA, typically get them first. This dealer is getting three next week and four more by the end of Feb (four have deposits). He has lots of YZ's on the lot.

Us guys near the warehouse, and port of LA, typically get them first.

So much for that. I guess the cali models are still having the new triangle wheels installed so we cant ride them in the desert.

Maybe you can talk your dealer out of giving it to his buddy when you tell him about your future puchase's. and by the way your video of you jumping is really cool, I just sit and watch that for a few minutes before I read on. I'am first on my dealers list here in Utah, and he better not try something like that or I'll huant him for the rest of my life, I'll stand out in front of his store with a sign, I'll toilet paper his house, I'll kidnap his dog and hold it for ransom or the WR450, He would give me the bike just to get rid of me.

Either that, or he'll call the cops.



ddialogue - vote with your feet and after you are set with another dealer make sure he knows it - if you are sure you won't need parts there again.


We will have WR250's on the floor next week here in South Africa But we dont know of the 450's date yet.

The distributors here say that they only got shipping Documents 3 days before the bikes arrived and therefore say it is anybodys guess when they land here.

I wish I could! The WR arrived on the 8th and his buddy took delivery on the 9th. Oh well. I have used the sales guys for all of my previous purchases and he knows I'm in the market for more...Just doesn't seem like they care though. I have a choice for future purchases and believe me, I will go somewhere else and the owner WILL know about it. On another note, thanks about the animated icon. My wife thinks I'm a geek. :)

ddialogue -

I feel for you man!! I am almost in the same boat. My local dealer here in NorCal has tried twice to stiff me on the list. I have to go in every week or so and re-confirm that I am No. 1 on their list. These dealers sometimes just dont get it. With all the internet parts competition out there, you would think that they would be a whole lot more customer oriented. I'm still not 100% sure that I wont get hosed from this dealer. Last week they said "End of January". As soon as I get mine, I'm having a little chat with the dealers management to let them know about the 2 more kids bikes that wont be buying from them !!!

Rainman :)


the EXACT same thing happened to my brother -- read the saga here:

how putting a deposit down on a 'hot' bike means nothing...

my advice is to take the same action we did -- don't buy anything from them ever again, and spread the word that they are dishonest. i know that you want your bike and you don't want to single-finger-salute them just yet, but after you get it you need to send them the Big Economic Message. i'm sure that my local dealer is none-too-happy that i now go in there just to fondle stuff before i order it online. but they created that situation, and brought it upon themselves. i don't feel guilty for expecting reasonable fairness and ethical business practices. i've steered some $40K worth of bike and ATV business away from this particular dealer in the last couple of years, and i hope i'm making an impact.

jim aka the wrooster



What a story! You stuck it to them and believe me, I will be doing the same thing to my dealer. In fact, I have already purchased a WR450 in a crate out of state and is on it's way here. Yippee!! :):D I haven't cancelled my order at my local Yami shop yet because my bro-in-law is on the list after me and I want to make sure he gets the one I was slated for...not somebody else. It's funny how some dealers just don't understand that good business ethics and good customer service will keep a person coming back. Thanks for the link...I'm sure you made a difference!

If you "name and shame" make sure you can prove that you were first on the list and that he did indeed move his friend in front of you before you put anything in writing. If you name him in a post he could have a cause of action against you even though he's a lying sack. He doesn't have to prove that he's telling the truth; the onus will be on you. Truth is an absolute defense though, if you can prove you are telling the truth that is. You word wont' be enough. You'll need something tangible, like your name at the top of a list. If you don't have it; don't chance it, just give him an earful as your are wheeling your new bike away. :)

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