Team Honda

Any body else heard any of the rumors that American Honda lost the funding for their "B" team and will not offer pit support in the Baja races any more?

I heard it from a not so reliable source.

i think that's partly true. honda cut funding for their B team, they didn't lose it. they cut funding in several areas of the company.

as far as the baja pitting goes, no way. that race is too important to japan... as long as people in japan continue to hold the baja 1000 on the same pedestal as american dude raches, baseball, and elvis, honda will have their hand in baja.

anyway, it really doesn't cost the company a whole lot since most of the people pitting are honda employees using their vacation time to go to baja, drink beer and change tires.


Glad to hear about the pits if it's true. Sure sucks to try and pit yourself down there.

I think if Team Honda tried to pull their pit support out of Baja SCORE would be in some pretty bad financial trouble. There is a lot of people that rely on those pits, and probably wouldn't attempt racing without them.

I would prefer to say Baja was a tradition with Honda.

Remember Honda was there in the beginning, in the middle and is still there. Won and got beat but they are still there and yes Japan loves Baja. They also believe it sells motorcycles.

Also only about 20% of the pit people are Honda employees. The other pit people have long time ties to So Cal desert racing and Bruce Ogilvie who has been a key to their success.

The cost of pitting is offset by fees each team pays for pit support however there is still a cost to Honda for the effort.

If you knew the people like the Dempsey brothers, Richard Jackson, Rob Barnum, Tex Mitchell, Chris Haines, Tim Morton and Ogilvie, they would be there racing even if Honda was not there. They woud kick, scratch and bury gas in the desert if they had to. What ever was required to race.

That is just the way they are.

Speaking of "B" team, who is on the B team now? I saw Hengi and Campbell in Laughlin yesterday but didn't catch who was on the other CRF. Danny Cooper was teamed up with Mike Healey on a YZ450 and Childress was on a KX500. What's going on in the Honda camp? Is Grider still there?


Grider is still there and will continue there.

What was the Laughlin results?

I'm not sure of the Laughlin results yet. Usually the Pro's will lap the Irorman class but this year we only had to do two complete laps (one less than every other class) so the Pro's didn't have a chance to lap us. So when I was at the finish line the Pro's hadn't come around yet. I saw Campbell waiting for Hengi, from what I hear team Honda was doing really well but I didn't stick around to find out. When I find out I'll post a link.

see ya, Dan

Thanks Dan.

My grandson ran the 125 novice class and his team finished 3rd. Their 2nd big desert event.

Campbell is a close friend.

Dan, thats the thing, I don't think they are supporting a "B" team this year. That is why Cooper is on a Yamaha and Childress is on a Kawi. I did hear that Bruce still wants to help out Grider on the side away from Honda's support. Then again all rumors on my side. Any body see Ty out there or did the ban stick?

BTW, Childress was teaming with my Az and Baja team mate Dayton Raper. I heard they finished in the top ten of the Open Pro's, but I haven't heard from him yet today.

Hengeveld/Campbell overalled Laughlin and I heard Ty Davis was not to be found and Pearson was lurking around the pits incognito. Hopefully, we'll see Pearson back next year or sooner (he was the guy already out on the course, right?). As for Davis---

I've been following the Ty Davis "Banned" story on the WR450 forum (Sorry Pig Riders, but at least there is some action there!). There has been a lot of posts but still no real story on what happened. I guess only Ty's hair dresser knows for sure! :)

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