engine oil capacity for 99 WR400? My manual is...somwhere...

Oil capacity for oil change, including filter?

1.6 litres?

1.7 quarts with the filter cleaned/changed.

Bill :)

Originally posted by Bill:

1.7 quarts with the filter cleaned/changed.

Bill :)

There was another thread recently that suggested that the 1.7 was total capacity, so if you don't drain the oil feed tube to the pump...

OTOH I've been draining and replacing w/ 1.7 for 3 years, two bikes, but all I do is eyeball the markings on the Mobil 1 bottle, which can't be very accurate.

I use 1.5, start it up and recheck, and add a little. Remember the oil level must be checked with the engine warm or hot.

Looks like Hick and I have been doing an OK job :D

Right from my 99 Dub-R manual:

periodic oil change 1.59 US Qt

w/oil filter replacement 1.69 US Qt

Total Amount 1.80 US Qt

Ok so we're off one one-hundredth :):D


or 1.8 i think.

Kev, I'm usually around the 1.6

Correction: I used to be 1.6, now that I'm Orange, it's around the 1.0 mark :)

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What LEVY1 said.....

Bonzai :)

Lets see....

Some say 1.5

some 1.6

some 1.7

some 1.8

Hmmmm, the average then would be 1.65

...I'll go with that. :)

lol. mee too then (2001 WR400F-- better to put less and re check)

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