Dr. D exhaust for 2007 Yz450?

I'm really thinking about getting a Dr. D exhaust system. If I get one do I need to do any other mods to my bike or just slip on and ride? Thanks.

I put a full Dr.D system on my '08 and did not have to rejet. It was a huge improvement.

I put a full system on my 02 426 and rejetted per their specs. it backfired alot on de-cel so i went back to the original jetting. I love the system.

The DRD systems will come in very close to the jetting that works with the stock pipe. Browse the Jetting Database in this forum for your bike to see what others are using.

Thanks for all the replys. Do you guys know a good website that sells the system for cheap?

theirs one on egay for 350..

i have listened to Dr D talk about his pipes in person and he is a very smart man. if i had to buy a system thats how i would go.

I will be switching to DR D here pretty soon...I here that they are awesome!

I put the Ti / TI Dr. D on my '07 and I is awesome !!


I just picked up my exhaust. I got the Dr. D Stainless Steel system. I'm so excited to put it on and try it out. Will I expect hp gains and how is the sound?

It may be a little louder than the '07 pipe (not a lot). Most of the power you gain with one will be at the lower end of the scale, tapering of to about the same peak power. It will rev into the high end very nicely, however.

Its kinda funny today at the local track the fastest rider there waS using the stock 08 exhaust and he blows the socks of most people. rides nationals. really fast. I think it depends on where you are in the power if your pinned all the time the stocker goes fast.

It's more a matter of the fact that the power doesn't do as much for your lap times as most people believe. On most of what pass as MX courses these days, a National level pro could beat all the locals on a 250F.


and in most times....a 125

I was reading that the Dr. D exhaust system puts out 99dbs.

It meets the AMA 99db requirement. Freshly packed, it should blow around 98.

They also say that you need to repack it after about 20 hours of riding. Do you really need to repack it? Is it for the sound?

Is there a difference between the carbon fiber/titanium exhaust from the D shape stainless steel? Or is it just the looks and price?

The repack interval depends on several things. We haven't had to do ours that quickly, but I will say that the DRD repack kits last far longer than loose packing (FMF, at least), and are vastly easier to use.

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