Need to road register a YZ 426

I'm in CA, and I know its hard to get CA plates for a YZ426. Does anyone have any expeirence with getting any states plate on your bike. I am going to install a dual sport kit, and I don't mind driving around with other state's plates...I just need to find a state that I can do a mail in registration with out even being there. Any ideas? p.s. Its already registered in CA, its a 2000 (with a red sticker).

My buddy got his 98 WR 400 licensed in Colorado, Teller County I believe. He obviously had a headlight and taillight, but that was it-completely stock. No DOT tires, no brake lever sensor, not signals-nothing. It couldn't be easier for him, but I thought you had to have some proof of residence to license in another state don't you? Maybe not....

Arizona is the solution! They are not as strict as California. Last month I took my bike from San Diego to Yuma, Arizona and registered it there. The process was simple and the Arizona DMV didn't seem to care that I hold a California drivers license. I'm using a friends address in Phoenix for registration purposes. I registered my DRZ 400 as an Arizona off-road vehicle and they gave me a small license plate. If you buy a dual sports conversion kit you can make your 426 street legal in Arizona. Lastly, I purchased a non-resident off road sticker for California since I ride here but have my bikes registered out of state to avoid the RED sticker.


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