Dont buy a race bike used???? really....

I am just starting to notice this on the internet boards. The old saying was not to buy a race bike. I always though this was true. I think this was wrong.

Look through this forum or any other for that matter. Then study the questions. The more racy the bike, the smarter the questions. The race bike guys are not afraid to buy parts. The "play" folks like epoxy.

Now, I wonder which bike is going to be more desireable in the long run? I would say the machine that is ridden hard, but maintained.

For the most part I would have to agree with you... I always thought I'd stay as far from raced bikes as I could, but after being on TT for a while, it's pretty clear those bikes are often in the best shape.

The only exception I think is that if you look around hard enough, there are those bikes that are cared for as a racer would, but never raced. I think there are a lot of examples of those types of bikes on here as well...

Most folks I race with maintain their bikes 100 times better than Joe the weekend warrior....

Both my bikes are in better condition than they were when purchased, and both are 3 years old. There's alot of truth in your play bikes statement...I've always thought it a shame to see great bikes held together with bubble gum and bailing wire.....

Bonzai :)

I agree totally that racers have better bikes. I've always said I would rather buy a racers bike than an ordinary joes bike. My last three bikes I've bought from Pro racers. My latest (YZF400) only had two races on it though, but it was set up perfectly.

We keep our rides clean, lubed and fresh. Hell it's my butt on the line if something breaks while I'm scooting across the desert. Racing costs too much to be DNFing because of some B.S. part breaks or the engine siezes because it has 200 hours on that ratty piston. I've seen some "newer" trail bikes that looked like they were ready for the junk yard after only a couple years of no maintence.

Now with that said, go check out my bike for sale in the classifieds.

I grew up racing desert and motocross and am now the "Joe Weekend Warrior" (because of a promise I made to my wife.) I think a lot of racers maintain their bikes better than the average trail rider but I think there's more to it than that. I have seen a lot of 'raced' bikes that are flat out hammered and then I have seen some that are immaculate. Same with 'non-raced' bikes. Some of them make me wonder if the owner even knew how to ride the bike let alone maintain the thing correctly and on a regular basis. My 02WR is in excellent condition and it's never been raced, just trail ridden. I am, however, no slouch on the trail and I'm meticulous with maintenance. One thing I look at when looking at used bikes is the condition of the other bikes in the guys garage. What do they look like compared to the one for sale? Does the guy take care of his vehicles? Generally, someone will be meticulous in maintaing other things he owns, not just his bike. Just my opinion. :)

I think the moral of the story is don't call on a used biek and discount it casue its been raced or not. You never know how its been cared for. I know before I started racing I didn't understand maintaince very well. Now my bikes are cared for.

I think another matter is did the current owner buy the bike new. Most people that buy something new take better care of it.

Bottom line is!! If you can eat off the garage floor your buying the bike from! Chances are pretty good the bike your buyin is in fairly good shape. I remember looking for used bikes in my days, And have found that a dirty messy garage a dirty nasty bike.

when buying used i think it has a lot to do with the rider you are buying from and how well he actually knows the bike . if he does'nt know jack about how the bike works in the first place how is he going to maintain it properly ? can he answer all of your questions ? also , regarding race bikes , i see a lot of racers abuse their bikes to no end because daddy will fix it if it breaks so i tend to shy away from bikes that have been raced not to mention the many hours of practice in between .

Exactly what I'm talking about!

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