99/00 stator output

I searched here and the posts/answers don't agree. Can some one say for certain if the stator output went up to 120w in 2000 or did it wait until the 426. I have a '99 and a '00 stator and although it's been a while since i looked i rememeber the windings looked the same. Also is any one running a HID off a '00 or '01 with stock windings. If i can't run a HID i'll stay with AC and a halogen. Thanks.

can't guarantee it but my 2000 runs 2x 55W halogens just fine with no signs of power loss - the 98/99 were only 80w and wouldn't suffice with my setup.

not sure if 120W will suffice for a HID though - depending on make you might have to go to 150W

Thanks for the response. Two 55w huh? I wouldn't know what to do with all that light. I'll try to swap it out this weekend. Still debating floating the ground before i put it in just in case i want to go DC and HID later. Laziness will likely take over. The HIDS don't pull much but volts can't drop to low at idle without a battery or they will flicker or worse just turn off.

You'll need a small battery to run the HID. As you said, the idle voltage will drop and the ballast will turn on and off, ultimately destroying it. A small NiMh pack in the air box works with fine and the HID's only draw 35 watts and work great. Have one on my 98' WR with stock stator.

Well the Hid bulbs are 35w but the ballast also draws ~7-8w.

I did use a wr250-426 -01 stator and flywheel + battery on my -06 yz250f. You could run 2xhids but you need to keep the revs up.

There are 21w hids that draws about 26-27w you could use 3 of these instead.It is difference between good hids like Hella,Philips and Osram and the cheadp ones you buy on ebay (chinamade).


Thanks for the responses. If i do go HID it would be a single. I'm a little concerned about street use because i dual sport the bike. Some do it any way but i wouldn't if it's massively blinding to oncoming cars.

Popped the cover off yesterday ad threw a jawwed puller on the flywheel. No go-got scared of buggering the crank threads. Done it before with a harmonic balencer puller but i'm scared to screw up the crank threads. Guess i'll order the Yamaha tool next week.

I've read multiple reviews of the cheap HID that Kragen/Checkers sells. Mototrcycle,quad,Rinos, and buggies. Not one major complaint. No doubt not as good as a high end unit but $120 is hard to beat.

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