Sorry, don't mean to brag but I Just got the call from So. Oregon Motorsports that My WR450 is here, set up & ready to be picked up. Next stop after that is Steahly Off-road as it will be his test mule to design a fly wheel weight then I get it back for all of the other stuff...... Gotta Go.


Congrats Jim...

Good to hear from you again....


What in the world are you doing posting messages on TT if your new bike is down at the dealership?

Congrats man! (wish it were me :))

Well at least the rest of us can read posts about one while we wait on ours!

You guys probably all think that I am crazy but I did't even ride it. I pushed the magic button and started it a couple of times. Then I loaded it in my truck and took it up to Chuck Steahly for him to preform his magic. My dealer says that, yes it has the throttle stop and also the grey wire , but even I know what to do with these boogers.

TM Designworks is also a local company and they are in the process of building a new style chain slider that can be installed without removing the swing arm, but it will need grease to make it live longer anyway.

Now I wait for Chuck and all of the other venders to design and build a new dual sport kit and a bigger tank and all that other "gotta have" stuff.I better stop & do some work around here or I won't be able to buy gas for the bike because I won't have a job.


You lucky bugger :)

omg....does it start easy ??? hows the weight feel just sitting on it ???? hows the new seat/ gas tank feel ????


Oh man I dying for information, I don't care if you road it or not, I'll settle for general info, how does it feel, light, narrow? is the seat as hard as the YZ, how about seat height, the same as the YZ? is the seat as thin as the YZ? does it have just the odometer like the old ones? or something like the new KTM'S?. I'll settle for anything, Great now I'am not going to sleep tonight.

Not Fair

I wanted to be the first to brag that I have my 450

Enjoy :):D

I feel like a cheeseburger.

Ok guys here's what I know.

Turn on the gas, pull out the choke, push the on/off button behind the number plate then push the start button and don't give it any gas and it's running. I didn't try it with my leg because I never thought about it.

The weight IS noticeably lighter (manual says "268 lbs with gas").

The seat tank did not jump up and make me take notice but then the stock WR 400 seat/tank was fine with me.

Seat hardness was not as bad as earlier seats but I'll know more when I can really ride it. The seat is just as high off of the ground as before, just like the YZ. I am a short legged old fart and I get nose bleeds up that high. I will probably alter this one like I did my WR400 so that I can touch the ground with my feet when stopped. I have found that it's a real pain to carry around a stump to drop on the ground each time you want to stop, you know some thing to put your foot on.

It still has the same odometer that has been on the bikes since 98. I already have a speedometer (new) from a XT 350. I like to know how fast I'm not going, not only how far I've gone. I had a Panoram on my WR400 but sold it because it was too complicated for a simple person such as myself.

There are other things that I noticed but can;t think of them right at the moment, and of course the bike isn't here to look at and compare to.

I hope some one else gets one soon because all of these questions are hard on an old man.


O.K. Jim I got one more question for you (for Now.) You said you were going to alter the suspension to lower the seat height like your old WR. So how did you do it? And don't complain about being old, I'am 56 and at least I can still remember how fast I used to be.

OK, What I did was lower the tripple clamps at the fork legs in the front and took out most of the pre-load on the rear spring. This brought the bike down about an inch and a half or so, which was easier for me to cope with the high seat hight. This probably altered the sag (whatever that is) but it makes it feel about right for me. I'm also 56 and not a racer, just a play rider.


Congrats! I'm also first on the list and hope to be getting mine soon.

You may not be mechanically minded (I'm not), but.....

can you tell us if the Cam timing needs to be retarded on the '03 for max performance?? I know you haven't ridden it, but I want to do the mod while the bike is brand new clean and I was hoping you could let us know if it needs it or not.

I've ordered the YZ throttle stop already. With the magic button, I don't know if the Grey wire mod will matter (anyone know?).

I guess I need a bike first though :)

Thanks, Bud

Is there a C or a 3 in the 8th position of the VIN # for cal. green sticker requirements?


Really curios on the lowering of the other bike, how tall are you. I have a friend that needs to do this also and I wonder how much effect the triple clamps will do for him. If you can email me details I would greatly appreciate it.

Good luck on the new ride. :)

Jim, how about this weekend you let us know where the bike will be so we can tear that sucker down and see what the differences are from the 426. If you don't like crouds just send us chunks to evaluate and we'll send em back soon.

I saw the WR 450 at the NY motorcycle show,Nice. But I think Honda has done some homework with their CR250X/450X they are some sweet rides I was drooling all over them.

Jim when you get a chance to fill the stock tank and put it on a bathroom scale we'd like to know.


I think Honda has done some homework with their CR250X/450X...

I hadn't heard that Honda had announced a CRF450X?? Was it REALLY a CRF450X or just a CRF450?? I would like some clarification please!

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