I don't know what it means but the eighth digit in the vin is an 3, not a C. I don't know if this means not green or is green but what I see on the MSO is a statement that reads, NOTICE: THIS VEHICLE WAS NOT MANUFACTURED FOR USE ON PUBLIC STREETS, ROADS OR HIGHWAYS. SUCH USE IS PROHIBITED BY LAW' Now I never saw the MSO on my 99 WR400 so I don't know if it had the same disclaimer but this kind of makes me a little bit nervous as to whether I can dualsport it and then get a plate!!!!!!


PS I am surprised that I have the only WR450 in captivity.

i touched, crawled under, picked up and generally fondled the wr450 at the ny motorcycle show today. we were the first people on line today and went straight for the yamaha area and the wr. looks very sweet, narrow and felt much lighter than my drz. hope they come in soon!

Sorry, But I have not got a clue as to the cam timing. I have left my WR400 alone as far as the cam goes and will do the same with the WR450...... Sorry


The bike was a CRF450, CRF250, and a CR250X. Sweet rides

MSO comes with a US bike only. IF it came from Canada or elswhere it comes with a NVIS(new vehicle information statement). So, if you have an MSO it should be green sticker.

With the MSO as described in this tread the WR450 is a red sticker bike that will not get plated in CA.

If you want a plate in CA the bike must have a clean VIN with no 'C' or '3' in the 8th position and the MSO must state the vehicle is a motorcycle.

If by some miracle you get a green sticker or a plate chances are you will lose both at renewal time.

My bad, I thought you were just registering offraod only, which is what I spoke of. I don't know squat about dualsporting and road plates in CA. I know in ID you can set it up fpr and get a plate to ride the road no matter what the original intended purpose of the bike was. As long as it meet the rules for the road your in like flynn.

One other thing that I noticed on my new bike in the short time that I had it in my possession, There is NO masterlink. Are the 2002 WR426s like this? Or is this something new for O3? My 99 WR400 has one!

Something else,All of the propaganda says that the new bike has an aluminum kickstand, but that sucker sure looks like steel to me.

Now I need one of you other TTrs in So. Cal. to get one so that you can take it to Electrex so that they can design and build an updated duelsport kit so that I can make mine street legal. Please!!!!!!!!

Jim :

Jim, my '02 WR426 has no master-link either, I have seen a few others from '00-'02, they also are endless.

yea here in idaho it is a little known fact that you can put a motor on a barbecue and get a plate. Never tried it. But you can get a plate for a 2-smoke. LOL

Chris L.

ridin MD,

Do you have the part number for the YZ throttle stop? It will probably be much easier to unscrew and just change rather than cut and fit.

Plus I just talked to Chuck Steahly and he is going to have to order a Yamaha Flywheel puller as nothing in his inventory of pullers will fit.... All new & differant. So I wait a little longer for my first ride but I've been waiting this long, whats a while longer?????

Hell, he could waiting for weeks for that puller to come in. I'd go get the bike and ride it until the part comes in then take the bike back. Kind of a waste for that new bike to just sit there all alone.

Yeh, you are right, I probably will go get it so I can ride it this week end. Just to make the locals jelous.


Locals?!?!? Hell, you're making the whole country jealous.

I don't have a part number for the throttle stop. I went to the local dealer and we had a hard time finding it on the diagrams (again, I'm not too engine savvy). I do know that the '03 YZ carburator is different than preceeding years which made the throttle stop hard to find.

If anyone out there can find the part number, that would be sooooo helpful. Thanks, Bud

Was told the YZ 450 doesn't have a throttle stop. I don't know for sure if that's accurate. Maybe someone can post to the YZ group and get an answer.

the whole country jealous ?????

I'm sitting in Europe and I'm JEALOUS,

You're making tho whole world jealous !!!!!

As soon as I thaw out up here, I will be jealous! How is it that nobody else has reported they have taken delivery? Come out come out where ever you are!

i say we all take a road trip to so.or to jim's house and take turns riding his wr450. what do ya's think ? :):D :D :D :D

I already have my plane ticket.

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