cancel that road trip guys. my dealer called and my bike will be in by the end of this week .he said it's been shipped out !! woo woo. could i be the second person to have a wr450 ??? don't worry i'll call out sick the next day ,ride it and post my oppinions on it !! if i can stop riding it long enough to sit infront of the comp to let veryone know my 2 cents on it !!

OK guys, I couldn't stand it. I went up to Steahly Off Road and picked up my bike yesterday. While waiting on the fly wheel puller, I figured I might as well have MY bike instead of him. I got it home and proceeded to tear it apart. I removed the throttle stop and cut it off, put it back in rechecked, recut, rechecked untill I finally got it to where it opened fully. Next I ripped the air cleaner baffle out if the air box. It comes right out with the use of two flat screwdrivers and a pair of pliars after the battery is out of the battery box. Next was the exhaust baffle. It was replaced with my home made Baja baffle. I started working on the odometer removal but decided to wait to see if maybe I can find an original speedo mount from the local cycle salvage yard. Oh and I did start it with the old boot method. Kind of like kicking my old DT 1 Yamaha. Not a whole lot of effort needed. I am going to have to dream up a differant hot start mount because thats where the rear view mirror has to go. You guys will see what I mean when you get your bikes.. I didn't do the gray wire mod yet because I can't remember where the darned thing is located or whether it even needs to be done. Dealer said "yes" but that was just a salesman and they will tell you most anything just to give you some kind of an answer.

Will post more when I have done more.


Let's see some photos Jim!!

Photos?????? I only post while I am at work. I don't own a digital camera or a computer. I spend all my dough on nessasary stuff like bikes and parts.


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