impeller seal replacement tips

I had a leaking seal on my 99 400, so in the process of trying to remove the impeller from the shaft, the flats twisted off the shaft. :D

so even if you are just changing the seal, I would remove the whole side cover so you can put a wrench on the back side of the shaft (it has 2 flats machined into it for a 13mm wrench)

oh and the impeller shaft carries the same part number from 99-08 on the 400-450 and the yzf450

How many times have I warned that this would happen? But somebody comes up and says, "Oh, I took mine off that way and nothin' happened so what's the big deal?" Well, here's an example.

BTW, the wrench flats are for a 12mm wrench.

oppss, your right gray, it was a 12mm.

guess thats what I get for not looking on here first.

I have changed a few of them on my older cr's without removing the side cover.

either way, local shop had the part, it needed replaced anyway. just thought I would let everyone else know, take the extra half an hour and remove the cover too.

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