Glamis Dunes/Public Land issue on KCET

I just caught the tail end of a program on KCET in los angeles toninght regarding the Glamis Dunes closure. It seemed like a well rounded program, not too biased. They have a website to voice your opinion and i think it would be a good idea to check it out. Here isthe link

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I also saw the last few minutes. My impression was the same as yours. If you read the discussion messages, we need to be represented more, though. I left a message, and encourage everyone here to do the same.


I saw it too.

I thought they made the tree huggers look kinda dopey, uh- I love to hike in the desert?

Are you crazy?

About time we get to be portrayed as fellow humans.

When you think about it, making the tree huggers look dopey isn't all that difficult. The journalists just need to begin by not having an agenda, then just asking them the same questions they ask the off-roaders instead of loaded questions such as "In your opinion, have the off-roaders stopped destroying the desert?"

The radical enviro agenda can't stand on its own two feet without help from some in the media that have a similar agenda, and some that have been told nothing but the enviro-lies.

Keep the faith. We're gonna bury them in their own.....uhhhhhh.....dung!


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