wr 450 2003 voltage / lights

hello there , awesome bike ain`t they , only now got mine and boy is she a laugh , but i gotta question , at the battery theres 12.5v , when sitting there not running , switch the ignition on and alls well , fire her up tho and with the lights on , either with low or high beam its sits around 9v at the battery and 10.4 at the bulb , when the bike is rev`d the bulbs go bright then drops a bit , do you recon its the regulator anyone ,.one more thing , the lights only work when the engine is running , does this mean that the indicators n horn are dc off the the battery but the lights are ac from the regulator , should i leave as be or change to dc at the light to and get the reg to give the correct voltage , cheers ????????

done some searching and dc for horn and indicators , and ac for lights seem the correct way to go , which is good to know , anyone know what the voltage outta the reg should be for charging please

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