'08 Front end twisting up

It seems that the front end on my '08 gets twisted up in crashes much more easily than it did on my '06 or my old 426...I know that Yamaha redesigned the shape of the fork a bit for '08...maybe this has something to do with it or maybe it is nothing more than random occurance.

Has anybody else noticed this?

Ive had the front end on my 08 get twisted pretty easily. I havent had any other 450 yamahas to compare.

I did notice the twisting, but I was in a pretty violent get off. Straightened up pretty good. I also snapped the front brake lever in that crash. That was an eye opener. Yamaha wanted almost 50 bucks for a new one. Even the Internet discounters were almost 40. Bought some ARC's.

Don't Crash:crazy:

I have noticed it. I have noticed it on a lot of the yamaha's not just the 450. in fact I just had a guy stop by this mornning so I could look at his bike. He had a get off and he was completely freaked that he messed up his bike really bad. He unloaded it and I sat on it, looked it over, rolled over to a tree in the yard and gave it a smack. Handed him is bike back and told him to go ride....he was over joyed after I explained the whole thing to him.

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