Spark plug gap

Does anyone gap their spark plugs? It's time to replace mine. I did a search for "spark plug" and found many posts. But, none referred to gapping. Or, are they supposed to gapped from the factory?

From 0.28" to 0.031" (0.7mm to 0.8mm) for my 2002 WR426F.

The CR8EIX iridium plug would be a good upgrade while you're at it... Don't pry your gapper between the two electrodes to open up the gap, by the way. To prevent damaging the tip, lift outer gap with small flat screwdriver, using plug's outer casing.


My "Owner's Service Manual" recommends the same spark plug gap (0.7mm to 0.8mm) for a 2002 WR400F...

Always gap and inspect your new plugs, you dont know what they have done on the production line, i had the privilage of working with some of these type of idiots once before. :):D

On my bike proper gap improved the starting and idle. For the few seconds it takes you can save a few kicks.

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