06' WR450 crazy idle

I have an 06' with a YZ pipe and appropriate jetting (i think). I can not get the bike to idle. It either dies if I turn it to low or if I get it to idle just right and not die then the first time I come off the throttle on the track it revs high again until I chop the throttle a couple of times. Even if I chop the throttle and get the bike to idle again, it will eventually start creeping up on the rev even as I just sit on the bike with it running. What is the deal?


My two bobs worth.Have a look at the needle and seat.

Pilot jet is too small or partially clogged. If this recently started to happen, I'd replace the jet (do not try to clean it, not worth the aggravation). If it has always been this way, you may want to try the nest size up. This all assuming you have tweaked the fuel screw and are already at 3.5 or more turns open on it.

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