Sprockets and chains

Does anyone run vortex sprockets and DID chain? The x-ring in particular. I am changing from stock very soon and I cant decide if I wanna stick with renthal or try something new.

I am wondering this same thing.

Right now I am running the x-ring chain and vortex sprockets and haven't had any problems with them. They have been on my bike for about a year and I don't seen replacing them in the near future.

I am wondering this same thing. How long did your renthal hold up for you? Any complaints?

I didnt use the renthal on my new bike. I ve always used them on all my other toys. The only thing I dont like is if you wheely alot or any time you drop the clutch and get a sudden surge of torque the teeth on the rear sprocket get slightly deformed. After a couple of months they are very noticeably mishaped. Almost like a shark fin. Thatswhy I wanted to try the vortex. I heard they were stronger but I wasnt sure.

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