a pic of me new to me toy wr 450 03


well i`ve her only a few days and boy is she good , even ended up in a ditch cos i went over the bars at one point , but she ticked over a dream as i sorted me self out , gotta her out of the said ditch n carried on like nothing had happened , absolutely brilliant this bike is , and i`m glad i always wear the correct gear :D:worthy::ride: :ride: :ride:

Congrats on the new toy - enjoy.

You can't be in the UK - it's not raining! :D

Yeh i got meselfa 03' ,for an old model they sure is great.

Watch out for when the crankshaft key breaks off the crank.Check it

mr baja trail rider , when do i expect this to break n for what reason please , n thanks and yes we havin lovely weather at present


Go to the search tab and type in

+wr450 +woodruff +failure

space between words and you need the + for boolean search.

This will give you lots of good info on the 03 woodruff key and what failure can do, and failure can do a lot of damage!

And more importantly how to stop it from happening.

i`ve had a look , the first thing i did with the bike , only 4 days ago when i got it was to strip out the idle gear for the starter cos it was the original , i`ll just kick start it instead , its been started hot n cold all week end and appears very easy to start , as my electric starter isn`t connected to the engine do you think i could still have a problem , or should i just get on with enjoyin me toy ,cheers razzzzzzzzz

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