the best fork seal+wiper combination

What is the best replacement fork seal+wiper combination for our "crying" Kayaba 46 mm inverted

fork? WB, K&S, something else?


I have tried a few different brands of seals and so far factory connections have held up great.


Do you mean seals from Kayaba (or maybe Yamaha

makes them itself)? Probably the price for original parts is too high (as usual)

No not factory seals. They are made by factory connection. Check out

Most of the seals made seem to be pretty good except for the ones that go by the name "leak Proof". Yea Right, what was their marketing dept. thinking when they named those.

The fork seals that 98yz refers to are called Pro-Moly Leak Proof seals and Dennis Kirk is the only dealer I know of and I think they are great.

I have used stock Yamaha seals over, and over, and over, and over.... with the same results.

Finally I got smart and tried something else and I have had them on my bike now for over 6 months! And thats a record for riding around here in the mud.

It probably helped that I put Seal Savers on at the same time ( think there is also a banner ad on this website)

Plus if these seals ever fail they are warranted for a life time. (of course you have to be sure and install them correctly! :) )

Thank you a lot, buddies, i'll try them.

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