Prarie City ride changed to Saturday due to rain

Tim, Kawidual,Fryboy.. all you other Sac area riders, I will be riding at Prarie city this SATURDAY. Anyone who wants to meet me there PM me. I will not go if I am solo so let me know. Also it is forecast to rain that night so weather permitting. I dont do rain rides. Im a wimp.


I will probably go if not raining.

last time I was at pc my buddie pogo sticked off his rm125 and ended up in the hospital 4 days before his wedding.

I called his future Now Ex :) from the Hospital and left him there.

Ya think I was gonna wait and catch H*** when she got to the hospital

No Bleepin way dude..

That placed is jinxed for me..


Did that happen on the track at PC?


What time are you going? Anyone else joining you yet? I may come if my Niners are kickin ass by then :-) Last week I thought I blew it not joining you but ended up watching one of the most exciting (for me anyway) comebacks ever. Ended up riding Stony on Monday. Place was nearly deserted!


Where is PC? How far from Sac?Maybe i can make it if i'm not working.

Ya right after a GP race weekend we watched. We got on the track Monday morning. He pumped his forks up to about 180lbs psi no lie here

We told him dude that is gonna hurt you

He said I am not going over them jumps wiht no suspension

First Table top he cleared and went right to the bottom. He impacted and the suspension just pogo sticked him 40 -50 foot in the air and face planted.

Broke his shoulder, chipped his front teeth in half and broke I thnk his right ankle.

And BTW it was Power Puke Dave that did it :)

Need I say more

Hey fryboy is there still anygood riding places in vacaville i used to ride there 20 years ago

Prairie city ohv is in Sacramento off hwy 50 just before Eldorado hills

Yep take HWY 50 to Folsom take the Prairie City Rd. exit go right and it dead ends into PC.

Right now its just me, TIM MARTIN from the suzuki side and possibly my neighbor and a bunch of KTM riders. The forecast says rain now. Weds it said PT cloudy. Ill check again wil be different :). If it drizzles I may still go...but not in rain. Niners game and a beer sounds better than riding in the rain.

Fryboy I rode last Sunday and STILL got home to catch the better half of the Niners game. Come awn!!! lets ride!!!


This week the niner game is the early one. I may be able to be there by 12pm - if they have a cushion. If not I don't think I can make it - don't want to drive up there for 3 hours of ride time. We'll see I will have everything ready so I can go in a flash.


Ok Saturday is my new ride day. Sunday is rain for sure. I plan to start riding at 9:00

I work Saturday so I won't be coming. Maybe next time?


That placed is jinxed for me..

Thats like Mammoth Bar for me. Thats where I did my elbow job. Not riding there for a long long time.

Fryboy sometime we will get together to ride again.

i can't make it either i work sat.

Yep Im out not going. TOO much rain. I dont want to risk spilling it and whacking my elbow this soon. So much for the forecasted nice weekend they mentioned on monday.... :)

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